Help! Kit for Secondary Teachers


The Help! Kit: A Resource Guide for Secondary Teachers of Migrant English Language Learners

This guide is a compendium of the latest research about best practices in teaching English learners in content area courses. It is the middle and high school level sequel to Help! They Don't Speak English Starter Kit for Primary Teachers.

In addition to providing teachers with a resource to help boost the achievement of their LEP students, this guide addresses issues that are particularly relevant to the needs of migrant secondary students:
• Focusing on credit accrual
• Meeting graduation requirements in an era of rising standards
• Promoting continuing education options
• Suggesting ways of using technology to enhance continuity of instruction

It is important to emphasize that most of the strategies promoted in this guide are ones that are characteristic of good teaching and will benefit all students, not just English learners.

If you are a teacher currently working with EL students and you are unable to download the kit you may email ESCORT, or phone ESCORT at 1.800.451.8058 to request a CD or a hardcopy (while supplies last). You are encouraged to download the kit. We regret that we don't have the resources to provide college students with hard copies of the kit.

Download the entire Secondary Help! Kit in one PDF file. Please be patient the file is about 3.6 MB.

Sample content from this Help! Kit: