National Migrant Education Hotline

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The National Migrant Education Hotline is free and accessible to migrant farmworkers, families and out-of-school youth anywhere in the United States. The calls are answered by Hotline Specialists who can make referrals for assistance based on the caller’s needs. The Hotline is currently supported by contracts with states of California and Texas.

Migrant workers can call the Hotline to get help enrolling their children in school or for other educational services. There are preschool, summer school, high school equivalency programs (HEP), and College Assistance Migrant Programs (CAMP) all around the country and ESCORT can help migrant families access them.

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Our Hotline Specialists can help you locate the following:

  • Migrant Education Programs
  • Summer Education Programs
  • Local school districts
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • GED classes (General Education Diploma) tutoring
  • Childcare

As well as referrals to other support services such as:

  • Legal services
  • Health services
  • Food banks
  • Community action agencies
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Monday - Friday
8AM - 5PM Eastern Time
+1 607-434-2626

ESCORT has instituted WhatsApp which enables migrant farmworkers to text or call the Hotline Specialist. WhatsApp is a free international communication app. It allows sending and receiving of text messages and voice call without requiring cell phone data or a plan to use. Instead, the user can communicate through a Wi-Fi connection. Once the user has added the Hotline number as a contact, communication through WhatsApp may begin.

WhatsApp will be available Monday- Friday, 8 am-5 pm Eastern time. Messages and calls received after hours will be followed up on the next business day.

For more information regarding WhatsApp, visit
Instructions on how to add contacts in WhatsApp can be found here.

Promotional Material

ESCORT continues to distribute promotional material upon request from Migrant Education Program staff. These materials help promote the Hotline which in turn helps support recruitment efforts.

Promotional items available feature the toll-free National Migrant Education Hotline phone number as well as the WhatsApp phone number so that families have the number with them as they move. We strongly encourage you to place an order with us today!

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Paper order forms are also available in PDF and MS-Word formats (instructions included). We do not ship promotional materials outside of the US.

PDF of the Hotline brochure to print and distribute locally

Here's a sampling of the calls received:

Reason for call: A migrant father was looking to enroll his five-year-old son into school. The school, however, was not accepting his son until the following school year. The father has been working in agriculture since 2006 picking oranges, tomatoes, and grapes. He just recently migrated. The ESCORT Hotline Specialist contacted their Region’s Migrant Education Program’s Recruiter and was able to get the family some help. The Hotline Specialist followed up with the family and the five-year-old boy was enrolled into kindergarten that same week. The family is now enrolled in the Migrant Education Program.

Reason for call: A male farmworker called searching for information about Migrant Clinics in his area. The ESCORT Hotline Specialist referred the caller to the National Center for Farmworker Health. The children in this family are already enrolled in Migrant Education Program.

Reason for call: A migrant mother called searching for information about educational alternatives for school programs in her area. She is requesting other services related to after school programs for her 11-year-old child. The ESCORT Hotline Specialist referred the caller to the local Migrant Education Program office. This family learned about the National Migrant Education Hotline from a free promotional material.