Opening & Networking Session

The 2013 National ID&R Forum opened with two videos compiled from submissions from a number of recruiters and recruitment coordinators.

We wanted to showcase the thoughts of MEP recruitment staff in relation to the recruitment process. The presentation is named “Recruitment is…”

We were looking for 1 minute videos from recruiters, coordinators, migrant families & youth, administrators staff, etc. what they think of the recruitment process – complete the sentence “recruitment is…” in their own words.

The videos were arranged into two parts. The files are large and need to be downloaded and viewed on your local machine.

Ray Melecio, Assistant Director (
ESCORT/Florida Identification and Recruitment Office
Tom Hanley, Assistant Director (

Watch Video 1, online, 9 minutes

Watch Video 2, 10 minutes

Download Video 1, 9 minutes, for offline viewing, 238 MB
Download Video 2, 10 minutes, for offline viewing, 320 MB

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Location - Bayside I