E-3. Recruiter Training and Quality Control in Washington State

The Migrant Student Data and Recruitment (MSDR) office in Sunnyside, Washington has the sole responsibility of migrant student identification and recruitment training in Washington State. In this session, participants will be provided with an overview of MSDR recruitment training activities and quality control procedures. Resources utilized to enhance training activities will be shared. Reports that are generated through the state Migrant Student Information System (MSIS)—an essential part of monitoring recruitment activities—will also be discussed. In addition, the Certificate of Eligibility review and family re-interviewing method will be shared.

Eric Garza, Data Management Specialist/Trainer (egarza@msdr.org)
Lee Campos, State ID&R Director (lcampos@msdr.org)
Migrant Student Data and Recruitment Office

Location - Skyway I

Recruiter Resources on Washington State's Migrant Student Data and Recruitment website