C-1. MSIX: A Valuable Tool Supporting ID&R

This session will provide tips and strategies for recruiters on ways to use Migrant Student Records Exchange Initiative (MSIX) to assist in their identification and recruitment (ID&R) efforts. Presenters will provide an overview of the system, demonstrate how to conduct a student search, and how to review a student’s migrant history to assist in completing the Certificate of Eligibility. Presenters will also demonstrate a variety of MSIX reports key to recruitment efforts. Participants will have an opportunity to share recruiting scenarios around MSIX best practices to enhance ID&R.

Wahid Sadek, MSIX Contractor Technical Manager/Operations & Maintenance (wsadek@deloitte.com)
Joshua Rombot, MSIX Contractor State’s Assistance Lead/Functional Manager (jrombot@deloitte.com)
Deloitte Consulting

Location - Bayside I