B-3. Refugees and the Migrant Education Program:

Strategies for Identification, Recruitment, and Service Delivery

This session will focus on the unique challenges of identifying, recruiting, and serving members of the refugee community who qualify for migrant education program (MEP) services. The Pennsylvania MEP has seen a considerable rise in the number of refugees among its student population in the past few years and is ready to share some practical insights. Items for discussion and exploration will include: an overview of resettlement trends; effective strategies, tools, and collaborations for identification and recruitment; considerations regarding eligibility criteria (“refugees and the COE”); curricular and instructional suggestions; and an emphasis on cultural sensitivity.

Timothy Haas, Recruiter Coordinator, PA Region 2 (timh@cciu.org)
Chester County Intermediate Unit: MEP
Kedar Kafley, Student Support Specialist Technician (kkafley@csiu.org)
Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit #16: MEP
Jose Reyes Lua, Statewide MEP Recruitment Coordinator (jreyes-lua@
Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit #16: Center for Schools and Community

Location - Skyway I