B-2. Out-of-School Youth: Developing an Effective Recruitment Plan

to Locate and Track the OSY Population (Part 2 of 2)*

During Part Two of this two-part workshop, we will provide participants with the tools they need to explore non-traditional ideas to find and track out-of-school youth (OSY). During the session, we will establish differences between the recruitment of K-12 in-school populations and that of OSY populations. In addition, participants will learn strategies to develop a networking plan with other community programs. We will also learn how to take advantage of the Migrant Student Records Exchange Initiative (MSIX) to connect and collaborate to find students within state and out-of-state. Participants will work together in small groups to learn ways to approach difficult situations and share strategies to create an effective recruiting network.

Irene Sanchez, Statewide Recruiter (is_edurecruiter@hotmail.com)
Candice Barnes, Statewide Recruiter (msyankee51@hotmail.com)
Emily Hanehan, OSY Facilitator/Statewide Recruiter (emilyhanehan@gmail.com)
New York State Migrant Education Program/ID&R Program
*Note: Part 2 is B-2

Location - Bayside II