A-3. HEP/CAMP: Collaboration and Cooperation with MEP

Presenters will provide an overview of the National High School Equivalency Program/College Assistance Migrant Program (HEP/CAMP) Association and highlight the different delivery models for HEP/CAMP services across the country. This session will feature Florida’s HEP/CAMP and Migrant Education Program (MEP) collaboration as they strive to serve migrant students K-12 through post-secondary education. In addition, University of South Florida HEP/CAMP Outreach Specialists will discuss the unique eligibility requirements of the HEP/CAMP programs and how they differentiate from the MEP. Finally, the session will explore effective strategies to connect, construct, and maintain these partnerships, and will spotlight some of the successful collaborations between the programs.

Amas Aduviri, President (amas.aduviri@oregonstate.edu)
National HEP/CAMP Association
Rosie Mendez, HEP Outreach Specialist (rmendez@usf.edu)
University of South Florida High School Equivalency Program
Ruby Luis, CAMP Outreach Specialist (rluis@usf.edu)
University of South Florida College Assistance Migrant Program

Location - Skyway I