A-2. Out-of-School Youth: Recruiting a Hidden Population

(Part 1 of 2)*

In Part One of this two-part workshop, participants will learn the basics they will need to begin recruiting the out-of-school youth (OSY) population. The OSY population is the most unique and difficult to recruit in comparison with school-age populations due to their isolation and the fact that their housing is often hidden in places that are difficult to locate. Participants will learn exactly what an OSY is, and how certain characteristics of this population change the way you recruit. Participants will also learn useful tools for establishing and maintaining relationships with these students by recognizing needs and working with service providers to encourage services.

Irene Sanchez, Statewide Recruiter (is_edurecruiter@hotmail.com)
Candice Barnes, Statewide Recruiter (msyankee51@hotmail.com)
Emily Hanehan, OSY Facilitator/Statewide Recruiter (emilyhanehan@gmail.com)
New York State Migrant Education Program/ID&R Program
*Note: Part 2 is B-2

Location - Bayside II