D-5 Using Migrant Data to Support Recruitment Efforts

In New York State, a recruiter’s region could be comprised of a mix of agricultural and non-agricultural areas. Therefore, the regional recruiter uses MIS2000 data to validate the need of the MEP in the local schools, create farm lists, review migration patterns, organize sweeps and identify areas needing an in-depth recruitment plan.

During this workshop, attendees will learn a process by which they can utilize key data points to recognize patterns and characteristics of their migrant population. Also, we will share templates of Excel spreadsheets and MIS2000 reports used by NY State to help recruiters research their areas and prioritize their recruitment efforts.

Irene Sanchez, Statewide Recruiter (is_edurecruiter@hotmail.com)
Odilia Coffta, Senior Data Analyst (odiliacoffta@gmail.com)
New York State Migrant Education Program/Identification & Recruitment Program

Target Audience - Administrators, Recruiters, Data Entry Personnel

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