C-5 Help! I don’t have an education background, and now I am serving students!

This session will share helpful training tips to reluctant educators. We find that recruiters are often asked to work as teachers, but are not given a lot of training. Tennessee has found that both certified and non-certified staff can be highly effective in helping migrant students succeed academically. Almost all TN MEP staff are cross -trained to both recruit and serve migrant students. Come learn about this model. We believe the key is quickly recruiting students, determining what they need, then providing high quality instructional resources to meet these needs. TN has a service model that is flexible and engaging to students and it involves all of our staff. We will share these resources that are free and high quality allowing any state to replicate this model.

Jessica Castañeda,, State Coordinator (migranted@blomand.net)
Hilary Maitlen, Regional Coordinator (mepnortheasttn@gmail.com)
Tennessee Opportunity Programs

Target Audience - All Participants

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