A-4 Demystifying Migrant Education Program’s ID&R Myths

Join the Office of Migrant Education as we explore MEP ID&R practices and requirements that are commonly misunderstood. We’ll discuss misunderstandings about issues such as Recruiter Training, COE Reviews, Re-interview requirements and more that have been collected from policy questions, monitoring visits and general technical assistance communication with states. At the end of the session, small groups will share additional practices and requirements that they believe are misunderstood. Groups will work together to bring light to the information, as well as share out with the rest of the room.

Celeste Rodriguez Jensen, Education Program Specialist (celeste.rodriguez@ed.gov)
U.S. Department of Education

Sarah Martinez, Management Program Analyst (sarah.martinez@ed.gov)
U.S. Department of Education

Target Audience - Administrators, Recruiters

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